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A Breath of Fresh Air

Please understand I did not want my name put on this letter because I would be too embarrassed if her were to find out. I wanted to say that I have been so impressed with he complex, and specifically with the change in managers. I have never had a manger who will stay past their office hours to help me with the paperwork for my home, and especially be so kind to me. He has explained the process, and how my income works with what my rent will be. I know I am old, and not a computer person, but he is so very good at answering my questions.

The changes in the parking lot, where we actually have someone come in and remove snow have been such a change. In the past, nobody ever did the parking lot. The sidewalks are actually plowed each time it snows and I have not fallen down since you wonderful people showed up.

I would like you to know Brad has been a breath of fresh air to the complex and all my neighbors would agree. I have found each time we compliment him or thank him, he quickly brushes it off or says that is the way the property should be; a place you can be proud to say you live there. He is very humble, and very sweet.

I would like to thank the laborer that was hired for the complex to fix our plumbing or problems we have had in our apartments as well. I have had very cold water from the water heater since I’ve lived here and when I told Brad, he had it fixed the next day.

Thank you so very much Syringa!


Great Social Environment

I enjoy living in my apartment. I feel quite secure most of the time. I really like where we can go down in the lobby and visit with other residents who live here, and sometimes gossip but not much. I like when we have some gripe we can talk to our manager. - Robin D

In Short, I Like It Here!

In the course of my 88 years, I've had many different homes - my own where I raised my family (and a wonderful garden) and sometimes only a room (in another's house) was my 'home'. Even here in Idaho, I had one rented home which was not as comfortable as this one is! In short, I like it here! Management and personnel are both friendly and cooperative. Natalie B.

Going Out of Our Way

I want to inform you that your employee and apartment manager Heather Garner has been so nice and helpful to me. I have been at Elk Creek Senior Living for 2 months, and she is always very professional and, yet, she has gone out of her way to help me to join all activities and introduce me to other residents. You are fortunate to have her as a manager for this apartment community. -Jeanna K.

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