Visiting Southern Idaho’s Most Unique Attractions

Southern Idaho offers some of the most incredible and diverse landscapes for outdoor adventure and exploration in the state. That’s why Syringa Properties would like to provide you with some of Southern Idaho’s most unique attractions that make up the Magic Valley area.

Malad Gorge

Malad Gorge in Southern Idaho

Located just off Interstate 84 at the Tuttle exit, you will find the 451 acre, Malad Gorge State Park. Perfect for hiking, picnicking, and day outings, you can view the Malad River crashing down into the Devils Washbowl below before cutting through a beautiful 250 foot gorge on its way to the Snake River.

Balanced Rock

Balanced Rock in Southern Idaho

Located in the Salmon Falls Creek Canyon just south of Buhl, Idaho is the world-famous Balanced Rock. Standing 48 feet tall and weighing in at 40 tons, this wind-carved rock balances delicately on a pedestal base only 3 feet by 17 inches.

Snake River Canyon

Snake River Canyon in Southern Idaho

Stretching as far as the eye can see on either side of Twin Falls, the Snake River Canyon can be viewed at an overlook just south of the Perrine Bridge or at Shoshone Falls. As the perfect scenic setting for outdoor recreational opportunities like hiking, fishing, and boating, you can take in the magnificent views of its steep canyon walls and dazzling waterfalls.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls in Southern Idaho

Located at the edge of Twin Falls, Idaho, in the Snake River Canyon, Shoshone Falls is a natural beauty on the Snake River. Standing 212 feet tall, this breathtaking waterfall is higher than its world-famous challenger, Niagara Falls. Here you can enjoy a unique blend of recreational opportunities including swimming, hiking, playgrounds, picnic areas, and a scenic overlook.

Thousand Springs Scenic Byway

Thousand Springs in Southern Idaho

Located in the Snake River Canyon as you drive from Hagerman to Buhl, you’ll find the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway that winds through 67 miles of the most remarkable geology and natural beauty this state has to offer. Here you can watch as springs erupt from the rocky canyon walls and gush into the Snake River below.

Hagerman State Fish Hatchery

Hagerman Fishery in Southern Idaho
Water Rainbow Trout Fish Fishing Fins Trout River

Producing over 4 million rainbow trout and 1.5 million steelheads annually, the Hagerman State Fish Hatchery offers visitors a unique experience where you can watch raceways churn into a frenzy, silver mass during feeding time. Located in the middle of a waterfowl management area, the Hagerman State Fish Hatchery also provides for bird and wildlife observation.

Idaho’s Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave in Southern Idaho

Located just eight miles north of Shoshone on the scenic state highway 75, is Idaho’s Mammoth Cave and the Shoshone Bird Museum of Natural History. The museum features birds from around the world, pioneer and stone-age artifacts, ancient fossils, and more. The cave itself has a self-guided tour that takes about half an hour with lanterns provided.

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