Apartment Living Etiquette: How To Be A Good Neighbor

Illustration of neighbors in windows of a building. Men and women look out from home.

Being a good neighbor is something everyone should aspire to, especially when you live in an apartment community and are living in close proximity to many different neighbors at once. Many renters new to apartment living, or families moving to a new apartment community, are worried about being able to make a good impression on their new neighbors and be the best neighbors they can be.

Don’t fret, there’s no reason to be worried! By saying hello to your neighbors, keeping your living areas clean, being aware of your noise level, and practicing healthy conflict resolution you can ensure that you’re being the best neighbor possible for your community. 

In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at each of these practices and by the end you should be equipped with new strategies to help you become the ultimate neighbor!

Say Hello to Your Neighbors

One of the easiest ways to be a good neighbor is simply saying hello. This can take several forms and doesn’t always have to involve a conversation (especially when you or your neighbors are in a hurry.) 

When you’re out and about in your apartment community and run into your neighbors, try to smile at them and nod, or give a little wave. If there’s time, a verbal hello and a quick “how are you?” can go the extra mile towards forging a connection with your community and making everyone feel welcome.

Be a Neat Neighbor

When you live in a close community like an apartment complex, the state of your front door space and patio spaces can affect everyone around you! Keep your front door area clean of clutter and debris to ensure that the community can maintain a clean, comfortable presence. 

If you have a publicly viewable balcony area, make sure you’re keeping it tidy as well! Don’t leave trash out (it can attract pests!) and if you have plants or bird feeders, make sure their related detritus isn’t spilling down on the neighbors below. 

Two friends and neighbors talking to each other on a sunny day.

Be Aware of Your Noise Level

When living in an apartment community, noise levels can be the biggest source of tension between neighbors – and the offending party often aren’t even aware of the noise they’re making!

If you’re an upstairs neighbor, be cognizant of any stomping, jumping, or related activities that could be echoing down upon your downstairs neighbors. Wearing soft footwear when inside your apartment can cut down on a lot of potential thumping.

Be aware of how much noise your family or guests might be making at the evening – occasional gatherings can get rather loud, which is to be expected upon occasion, but make sure you aren’t making loud noise late into the night and keeping your neighbors awake.

If a neighbor asks you to keep the noise down, or lets you know of potential recurring issues, take it to heart. Work with them to ensure that you’ve resolved the issue!

Practice Healthy Conflict Resolution

Which brings us to our final tip: Practice healthy conflict resolution. When an issue arises, it’s easy to lash out in an angry, reactionary way. Taking a moment to take a breath, think about your neighbor’s point of view, and approach them calmly to discuss the issue. Most problems neighbors have with each other in a small community like an apartment complex can be solved easily by just talking it out.

Even if your neighbors aren’t willing to discuss the issue, there’s no need to resort to screaming, shouting, or other measures that could impact the rest of your community in a negative way. Take the issue to your apartment managers and let them handle it per the community’s rules and standards.

If you feel truly unsafe in a situation, of course you should contact the authorities, but for most neighborly issues sitting down and talking it out will lead to a happier community and good neighbors all around.

Are You Looking for a Welcoming Community Full of Great Neighbors?

We hope these tips will help you take steps to be the best neighbor you can be! Are you moving and looking for a wonderful community full of welcoming neighbors?

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