Denver Property Management: Packing Tips For An Upcoming Move

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As you prepare to move to Denver, Colorado and are checking things off your to-do list, there are many logistical details you should be planning for. These include setting a date, securing a moving company, gathering packing supplies, changing your address, and more. 

However, packing is one of the most difficult parts of the moving process. Why? Every item you own needs to be wrapped, contained, and moved properly. That’s why Syringa Property Management would like to provide you with the following useful packing tips for your upcoming move. 

Organize & Downsize Clutter

Before you start the process of packing, it’s important to organize and downsize clutter. Take the time to throw away garbage, and donate items you no longer need. The logic is simple. The more items you have, the more you will have to pack and move. This, in turn, will cost you more in supplies, time, and effort. 

You also don’t want to be unpacking garbage and unwanted belongings in your new apartment. That’s why it’s essential to take things you really want and use. A yard sale is another great way to get rid of excess clutter and make some additional money in the process. Anything you don’t sell can be donated to a local charity like Goodwill. 

Gather Packing Supplies

When you’re getting ready to pack your belongings, you will need the necessary packing supplies to do so. Keep your eye out for free boxes at your local grocery and liquor stores. However, many of these boxes can be the wrong size or damaged. That’s why it can be helpful to ask people you may know who have recently moved for any extra boxes they may have. You can also purchase appropriate moving supplies from local moving or truck rental companies. 

Label Boxes of Contents

Take the time to label your boxes with the contents they hold inside and which room they belong too. This helps you and your movers to know where they go during the unloading and unpacking process. You can also incorporate different colored stickers based on the room they belong to. 

When it comes to closing boxes, we also recommend double sealing than, rather than once. This provides them with additional protection from breaking open and spilling their contents during the moving process.

Move Large Appliances Safely

Small belongings are easy to pack and move, as they easily fit into storage containers and boxes. Large appliances and furniture, however, can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to move them. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead of the big day. 

First, take the time to disconnect any appliances prior to your move. You’ll also want to make sure any valuable artwork and furniture is wrapped protectively. Furthermore, make sure any appliances are cleaned, and their cords are secured to prevent any damage while in transit to your new apartment. 

Protect Packed Items

Because of the amount of things you’ll be moving, it can be tempting to throw everything into the same box without any strategy or protection. Doing so, however, can result in damaged items.  At Syringa Property Management, we suggest the use of packing paper, bubble wrap, blankets, and towels to create a bumper and protect items stored in boxes. 

Denver Property Management

Although the process of moving can be stressful, it will all be worth it once you’ve settled into your new Denver, Colorado apartment. At Syringa Property Management, we can help you find the perfect place to call home. Simply, contact us by filling out our online form or call us at (208) 336-4610. Our team of professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you get started with your upcoming relocation.