Four Essential Maintenance Tips For Renters

A couple works together to clean their living room.

Sometimes needing to call your community’s maintenance team is unavoidable. Life is great at throwing curve-balls, and even if you’re always on top of your home’s maintenance, accidents can happen or appliances can fail. However, there are quick and easy home maintenance activities you can do to ensure that your home is operating at peak performance and keep you from needing to make frequent calls to the maintenance team. 

There are several quick maintenance tips that you can work into your daily routine to make sure your home is staying in tip-top shape and to help you avoid frequent calls to your community’s maintenance team. Controlling moisture, avoiding behavior that attracts pests, keeping your appliances clean, and paying attention to your floors are all easy, quick tasks that will keep everything in your home moving smoothly. 

In this post, we’re going to dig a little deeper into each of these tasks and offer some tips that will be sure to help you in your maintenance routines!

Avoid Mold and Mildew by Controlling Moisture 

Mold and Mildew can be a pain for both landlords and renters alike, and like many home maintenance issues, they’re easier to prevent than to deal with after the problem has taken hold in your home. 

One area that Mold and Mildew problems are most likely to occur is the bathroom. Ensuring that you use the bathroom fan every time you take a shower and leave it on until after all of the steam has dispersed will go a long way towards ensuring no pesky mold or mildew spores take hold. Be sure to pull your shower curtain shut so it can dry, and to properly store your damp towels afterward as well. 

When cleaning areas like the bathroom, make sure you are always using non-abrasive cleaners as well. This keeps finishes intact and prevents dirt from building up, which is another thing that can attract moisture. 

Avoid Invasive Pests

Many renters have woken up horrified to find an entire army of ants taking over their kitchen or have had to deal with other bugs or rodents trying to make off with various types of food items. 

When cooking and eating at home, it’s important to make sure that you’re cleaning up any spills or leftover food as soon as possible to deter any of the local pests from deciding to investigate your abode. Make sure you’re storing both dry, perishable items and recent leftovers inside tight plastic containers and that you’re removing your trash as soon as possible.

Even the cleanest, most well-maintained properties can fall victim to the occasional pest because it only takes one critter to start a larger problem. Doing your part to keep your unit clean and free of food waste helps make sure that the local pests stay disinterested in the whole community. 

A short haired woman wearing pink rubber gloves is cleaning a nice counter.

Keep Appliances Clean

Appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, laundry machines, and garbage disposal normally don’t take much maintenance and are easy to ignore. However, they’re so essential to our daily lives that when something goes wrong with them it can be a nightmare! 

Being sure to clean and wipe them down on a regular basis and only using them as instructed will go a long way to ensuring you don’t run into any disasters in the future. Make sure to not overload your dishwasher or in-unit washing machines and use the right detergents for both.

Make sure you’re only putting things in the garbage disposal that it can handle. If it’s starting to smell, running citrus peels like lemon or orange through it can help, and if you need to sharpen the blades running some small ice cubes through can do the trick.  

Pay Attention to Your Floors 

It’s easy to not think about them, but the floors in your housing unit are the areas that usually put up with the most daily wear-and-tear while you’re living there. Giving carpets a quick vacuum every week will help keep them in tip-top shape and won’t take very much time out of your schedule. The same goes for non-carpeted floors – giving them a quick sweep every day will ensure that dirt isn’t collecting and scratching them, and damp mopping them once a week with the correct solution for your flooring type will ensure that the floors are both looking and performing their best.

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