Finding A Great Apartment in Idaho

The market for a new apartment in Idaho is tough these days. With an expensive and highly competitive housing market, more residents are choosing to rent instead of purchase. That’s why it’s so important to be serious in your search and approach the process as if it were a job and act accordingly. If you’ve been having difficulty finding a new apartment, Syringa Property Management would like to provide you with the following tips for improving your odds. 

Look At Apartments Quickly

Whether it’s in Twin Falls, Meridian, or Sandpoint, it’s important to watch the market in your area closely. Keep an eye out for listings and follow up with them as soon as you can. Many landlords and rental companies only accept a limited number of applicants. Working with a property management company like Syringa Housing can help you during this time to access listings as soon as they are available. 

Submit Your Application 

Submit your application as soon as you can. If you obtain an application before an apartment visit, fill it out beforehand and keep it with you so you can turn it in the same day. If you’re at an open house and notice a lot of people looking at the apartment, don’t hesitate. Fill out the application immediately and get it turned in if you’re interested. 

Let Your Landlord & Employer Know

When looking for a new apartment, let your current landlord and employer know. This will ensure no surprises and help you if they are contacted for financial or rental history checks. You may also be able to continue renting your current apartment on a month-to-month basis until you find something else. 

Have Money Available

Make sure you’ve saved enough money for a rental deposit and the first and last month’s rent. Many apartment rentals require these funds upfront before you move in. The information for these required funds is usually on the application, but make sure to inquire with the landlord if it isn’t. That way, once you apply, you have the money to put down. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a great apartment if you don’t have your finances together. 

Compromise When Needed

When apartment shopping, it’s important to understand that no rental is perfect. This is especially true in a highly competitive housing market where apartments are being snatched up quickly. Don’t waffle over the small stuff. Write down the things you absolutely need and be flexible about the things you don’t. This will help you streamline the apartment shopping process. 

Syringa Property Management

At Syringa Property Management, we hope this advice helps you search for the perfect new apartment. With our knowledge and expertise, we promise to help find you the best home. If you are interested in renting an apartment from us in Idaho, contact us today to learn more.