Idaho Property Management Tips For Finding The Right Roommate

Whether it’s in Sandpoint or Twin Falls, renting an apartment with a roommate comes with a wide variety of benefits. Having a roommate often means you can afford a bigger apartment when you share the financial responsibility with another person. Roommates can also lessen any feelings of loneliness you may experience living on your own. However, with all the benefits of roommates, there are also some major drawbacks. These include roommates that don’t pay their rent or eat all your food. 

That’s why Syringa Property Management would like to provide you with the following selection and planning tips when it comes to finding a responsible person to share your apartment with. 

Selection & Planning

First, and foremost, it’s important to make a list. Finding the right roommate should be treated with the selection and planning it takes to find a new apartment or job. Write down a list of attributes you are looking for in a roommate. Keep in mind that a good friend doesn’t always make the best choice. Ideally, you’ll want to choose someone who:

  • Works and maintains the same schedule as you.
  • Has a steady job and the financial ability to pay rent and utilities.
  • Respects your privacy.
  • Is willing to split and maintain household chores.

Furthermore, it’s important to determine what you are willing to share and what’s off limits before putting someone to the test.

Get The Word Out

Unlike the past, you don’t have to pay for a classified ad in the newspaper to find a roommate. Instead, it’s better to ask around rather than advertise. Ask family, friends, and coworkers if they know of anyone who is looking for a place to live that meets your specific criteria. Online platforms like Facebook is another good way to find a trustworthy roommate within your social circle.

Meet In Person

When it comes to signing a lease with someone, it’s important to never take someone else’s word when it comes to a roommate. Take the time to meet with potential roommates in person and ask them questions about their lives. These questions should include their work and living schedule, personal habits, past roommate experiences, etc. How they handle conflict with others is especially important. Ultimately, it comes down to trusting your instincts when selecting someone you’ll live with. Trust your gut. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. 

Protect Yourself

Before signing a lease with anyone, it’s important to protect yourself by taking a few legal precautions.

  • Run a credit check
  • Verify their employment
  • Ask for personals and professional references
  • Sign a roommate agreement

Idaho Property Management

The reality of choosing a new roommate encompasses a wide variety of important factors. In order to choose the best person to share an apartment with, you must determine what is most important, do your homework, and be vigilant in your search. While it can be intimidating and frustrating at times, all of your hard work and effort will be worth it in the end once you’ve settled on the best, most responsible person.

If you are looking for an apartment for rent, Syringa Property Management is your team of management professionals offering superior tenant services. With our knowledge and expertise, we promise to provide the best housing environment for you. If you are interested in renting an apartment from us in Idaho, contact us today to learn more.