Reasons To Live In The Pacific Northwest

Looking to relocate but not sure what it’s like to live in the Pacific Northwest? In one word, it’s glorious! In Washington or Oregon, you’ll enjoy wonderful weather all year long with an amazing array of places to explore, things to do, and food to eat along with warm, culturally diverse residents who care about their neighbors.

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Your Backyard Is The Great Outdoors

In the Pacific Northwest, you’re only a tank of gas away from the ocean or mountains. Where do you feel like going today? In fact, you won’t even have to choose one over the other. Instead, you can visit them both, and often! Simply alternate your weekends between collecting seashells and driftwood on the beach, or spending all day in the mountains exploring pristine lakes and rivers.

But why stop there? In Washington and Oregon, you’re right next door to lush, untamed forests, wildflowers, and winding hiking trails that lead you to the most breathtaking views and waterfalls for a constant inspiration of nature.

Enjoy Mild Weather All Year Long

Craving mild, year-long weather? When the rest of country is battling the frigid cold and snow in winter, western Oregon and Washington rarely get below 40 degrees. Even better? During the summer months, you can enjoy 80-degree temperatures when everyone else is in the triple digits. In fact, it’s so pleasant, you many not even need to turn on your air conditioner!

Enjoy Fresh, Delicious Food

If you love seafood, there is no better place to eat than the Pacific Northwest. From salmon to king crab you can eat your heart out with fresh, delicious food from the sea. Even more, the street food here is just as legendary. Not only will you find a wide variety of world-class cuisine, you’ll find some of the best coffee, beer, and wine in the country.

You’re Close To EVERYTHING

As we mentioned before, you’re not only close to nature’s wonders but you’re close to city life amenities as well. Pack up the family and take a fun vacation to Disneyland or stretch your legs internationally, and visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Vancouver, B.C.

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