Pandemic Apartment Moving Tips

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For those who don’t have to move during the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be best just wait it out. However, not everyone has that choice. If you find yourself having to move to a new city or state during this time, Syringa Property Management would like to provide you with the following moving tips to keep you and your family safe.

Use New Packing Supplies

When it comes to moving, it’s not uncommon to ask for boxes from a local grocery or liquor store to save money. However, this may not be as safe as it was before the pandemic. In fact, studies have shown that the COVID-19 virus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. If you go this route, try to keep these recycled supplies in your garage a few days before using them. If you can afford new packing supplies, Syringa Property Management suggests reaching out to your local moving company to see if they have what you need for purchase.

Double-Check Your Moving Plans

In most cities throughout the nation, moving companies are considered essential workers. That said, most moving companies should be available to help you through the process. However, it’s best to double-check all the facets of your move, especially if you have to travel, which may prove more difficult during the pandemic.

What we mean by “double-check,” is to contact your local moving company and ask them the following questions:

  • Is a company open and operating during the pandemic?
  • Do they have any specific safety measures in place to keep everyone as safe as possible? This includes wearing masks, disinfecting trucks, etc.
  • Is there anything specific that you should do during the moving process?

Additionally, it’s important to gather this information as early as possible so that you can change your plans if you need to.

Try To Minimize Contact

If possible, try to choose a method for moving that minimizes as much contact between people as possible. This includes the option of moving on your own or over time. You can also rent storage pods that can be loaded with your belongings and transferred without much contact.

However, if you need to hire a local or long distance moving company, the key to safety is practicing social distancing. In fact, many movers are offering over the phone or virtual estimates instead of in-person versions.

Keep Sanitizing Materials On Hand

When it comes to the big moving day, it’s essential to keep sanitizing materials on hand. This includes enough hand sanitizer for everyone involved, disinfectant sprays, and access to soap and water at both locations. In addition, you may want to provide everyone with masks and gloves.

Postpone Your Move If You’re Sick

Most importantly, if you or anyone in your family is feeling sick and showing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, the best thing to do is to postpone your move until a healthcare professional says it’s okay. While it may be inconvenient, it’s better to keep everyone involved in the moving process safe.

Syringa Property Management

At Syringa Property Management, we hope this advice helps keep you and your family safe during the pandemic. If you need help searching for the perfect apartment, contact us by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 336-4610. With properties in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, we oversee a diverse collection of multifamily housing communities across the nation.